Laundromat tricks

Do you do laundry in a Laundromat or laundry room?

laundromat MP900430628

Whether camping, renting, living in a dorm or a building with a laundry room, lugging clothes back and forth is exhausting.  The clothes are heavy enough, but then there’s wash liquid or powder, brightener, and fabric softener add to the load.

Some Laundromats sell little containers of laundry products, which are convenient, but can get very expensive.  Instead, buy normal sizes of concentrated products.  But don’t haul them around.  Pre-measure one load size ‘servings’ into small Tupperware type containers.  Yes, you’ll have a bunch of little containers to store between laundry days, but it’s worth it! 

2 oz. containersimage

I don’t sell Tupperware, I just find these the most convenient.

If there are no stairs or curbs to navigate, a cart on wheels really makes it easy!  Carts are available with liners, so you don’t loose the small containers. It’s still not fun, but it’s easier.


rolling laundry cart                                                                         rolling utility cart


What makes laundry day easier for you?

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